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EasyMessage is a free messaging app for Android, iPhone and iPad devices.
It lets you send messages through multiple services (SMS & Email) and post to social networks (Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn) at the same time, writing just once. You can build your custom audience as groups and save commonly used messages in archive for later usage.


AEMS (short for Advanced Event Management System) is the world first 360º event management and registration suite. It´s a full featured and generic suite that includes project management functionalities and offers event organizers the possibility to track every steps and resources involved in event planning, execution and analysis.

Flapi - The Bird Fish!

Flapi - The Bird Fish is a fun mobile game for iPhone and iPad devices. Flapi is golden fish whose pound suddenly dry out of water, so he needed urgently to find a new home to live. He was able to escape with the help of a jet pack, but you need to fly him safely through all the obstacles that are in his way. Be part of the Flapi journey, see how far you can go, play with friends. Have fun!

Revenge Of The Clones!

Revenge Of The Clones is a fun mobile game for iPhone and iPad devices. This entertaining arcade game is a parody to the Flappy bird game hit and all his clones, including Flapi - The Bird Fish. The birds are back and they want revenge from the pipes. They came with bombs and they are trying to destroy the city of the pipes. Only you and the amazing flying pipe can save the city. Beat them away and make them scream while they're hit by their own bombs.

Alfie - The Angry Alien Saga!

Alfie - The Angry Alien Saga is a space shooter alike mobile game for IOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android devices. Alfie is an explorer and adventurous alien that went on a journey to explore a small planet, recently discovered. Unfortunately the space ship engine was hit and damaged by a small asteroid, near the planet's orbit, and he got trapped in a very dangerous place...

Jelly Crush Party!

Coming soon for IOS (iPhone and iPad) devices.

Flapi - The Bird Fish

Flapi - The Fish Bird is a fun mobile game for IOS Platforms (iPhone/iPad)
Flapi is fish with a jet pack. With a simple "touch" and "go" mechanic you guide him on his ultimate quest for a new pound.

Tap & Fly

With a very simple but fun mechanic you can take Flapi to his new home.

Avoid the Obstacles

You need to avoid all the obstacles on the way, just fly through the intervals.

Revenge Of The Clones

Revenge Of The Clones is an addictive game for IOS Platforms (iPhone/iPad)
This is a parody to the Flappy bird game and all the related clones.
The birds are back equiped with bombs and they want revenge from the pipes.

Set them on fire

Make them taste their own medicine. Blown them away and make them run away screaming.

Alfie - The Angry Alien Saga

Alfie - The Angry Alien Saga is a space shooter game for IOS Platforms (iPhone/iPad) and Android.
On one of his intrepidous quests he ended up trapped on a dangerous place. And now he just wants to return home.

Bring Alfie home

Help Alfie to return safe and sound to his family. May the gaming force be with you!

Avoid the enemies

Shoot the evil the alien slugs. Watch out for the asteroids field.


EasyMessage is an utilities app that makes messaging simpler and funnier than ever before!
Write just one message and the app will know exactly how each recipient should be reached.
Email, SMS and social networks together in just one app!

Send and Archive

Use pre-defined messages to save time. Save your own custom messages.

Write once and Send

Reach all your recipients at once, either via Email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

AEMS - Advanced Event Management System

360º Event Management and Registration with Project Management Features!
AEMS is the most complete, affordable and generic event management suite in the market.

Configuration System

AEMS Works "Out-of-the-box". No installation or configuration required, just unzip and start! AEMS can run both online or offline.


AEMS runs on Windows, Linux and Mac. Accessible anytime/anywhere, either on your pc, laptop or smartphone.

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