How To Make A Tomato Costume?


The tomato costume is a unique garment style. This dress is made by mimicking a vegetable “tomato.” Well, you cannot use a tomato costume as casual wear. These costumes are designed for special events such as:

  • Halloween
  • Christmas
  • Carnival

Usually, children wear this dress at these events. Besides these occasions, kindergarten children are asked to wear such clothes on their vegetable day. This way, children are taught about different vegetables’ names and uses.

The use of tomato costume is not limited to kids; however, some adults also wear this dress at special events for fun, such as vegetable dress theme parties or Halloween.

Where To Get A Tomato Costume?

Like other vegetable costumes, tomato dresses can also be found at specific garment shops. Moreover, you can get tomato costumes from various online sites.

Alibaba offers a vast selection of tomato costumes for children and adults.

You can get one according to your size. Most ready-made tomato costumes are prepared using polyester and cotton materials.

Sometimes, the central part is made like a round tomato with leaves around the neck. On the other hand, some stores provide tomato costumes with green overalls and red hats.

Can You Make A Tomato Costume By Yourself?

Yes, you can also make a tomato costume at home yourself. You can prepare it according to your favorite design. There are a lot of videos on YouTube that describe the different ways of making tomato costumes.

We have mentioned the easiest way to make a tomato costume for your guidance. Let’s learn how to make a tomato costume on your own.

Material Required:

You might need the following material for making a tomato costume:

  • Oversized Red hooded sweatshirt
  • Green felt
  • Poly-fill batting
  • Bundle of newspapers for stuffing
  • Large safety pins
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors


The following steps are involved in making a tomato costume:

  1. Cut the sleeves of your red sweatshirt and fold it inside out. Then glue the raw edges of the sweatshirt. Take a poly-fill batting for lining the inner part. Then attach it by gluing at the neck and armholes.
  2. Make a waistband by cutting a small slit. You can use a safety pin to pull the elastic of this waistband. Then tie the ends in knots. Cut off the extra elastic.
  3. Now it is time to cut an 18-inch square of green felt. To make a circle, cut its trim edges. Now cut a slit up the back. Fold it in quarters. For the neck hole, cut it into a half-moon shape. Make a leafy collar by cutting the points of this felt.
  4. You can also make the leaves by cutting the green felt in jagged edges around the perimeter. Attach these leaves to the required place.
  5. Now your tomato costume is ready. After wearing this costume, you can stuff the central body part with a lot of newspaper to create an exact tomato look.
  6. You can wear this costume with the following things for a complete look:
  • Red or green sweatpants, leggings, or tights
  • Red or green long-sleeved shirt or turtleneck
  • Red or green sneakers, ballet shoes, clown shoes, or bedroom slippers


If you plan to wear something unique at the upcoming Halloween festival, you should try a tomato costume. You can buy it at Alibaba or prepare your tomato costume using the above steps.


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