What is a 48v lifepo4 Battery? What Are its Specifications and where Are They Used?


We use batteries for different purposes in our daily life. These batteries come in various sizes shapes and charging capacities from ranging small circular dots to big large room-sized batteries.

48v lifepo4 is a type of battery. These batteries are made by specifically arranging 16 batteries of 3.2 volts and connecting them in series. These are considered fully charged up at 58.4 voltage current and are completely discharged at 40 volts of current.

You can always buy lifepo4 cells and join them together in series to form a 48v lifepo4 battery.

Specifications of 48v lifepo4 Batteries:

  • A full 48v lifepo4 battery requires a voltage of 56.8 to 58.4 for it to be completely charged.
  • The float voltage or the voltage at which it becomes disabled is 54.4 volts.
  • The maximum amount of voltage required for the working or charging of 48v lifepo4 batteries is 58.4 volts
  • The minimum amount of voltage required for the working or charging of 48v lifepo4 batteries is 40 volts.
  • The nominal amount of voltage required for the working or charging of 48v lifepo4 batteries is between the amounts of 48 volts to 51.2 volts.
  • The perfect temperature at which a 48v lifepo4 battery can function most efficiently is between -20°C to 60°C. However, the model and the type of manufacturing of the battery can also affect the temperature at which this battery normally functions.
  • The amount of current that a 48v lifepo4 battery can discharge depends upon the model and manufacturer but mostly the range falls between 50A to 200A.
  • The life cycle of these 48v lifepo4 batteries is long and they run for quite a long time between the ages of 2000 to 5000 cycles.

However, the individual lifepo4 batteries that are required to form the 48v lifepo4 batteries have a nominal voltage equal to 3.2 volts. These single cells require a maximum voltage of 3.65 volts to be fully charged and a voltage amount of 2.5 volts to be fully discharged.

Uses of 48v lifepo4 Batteries:


This battery is very safe to be used. You don’t have to face this issue that the current will be discharged at the know or the fast speed of any overlap will occur at its working. The battery is considered to be safe in its usage. You will get a good quality current from the battery. You have to focus on this point while selecting a battery that must be very safe to use.

High Discharge

The discharge of the electricity is very great in this battery. The flow of electricity is very fast and you will get a good quality result out of it. When they discharge if the current is fast the quality standard of that battery increased. You must note that the discharge of current in the lifepo battery is very high.


The batteries are of the high number in the market. But it’s very difficult to choose the best out of them. T8v lifepo4 batteries are outstanding. This is because their features are very good. They have such benefits and qualities in their working that no other battery can provide this benefit at all.


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