Why You Should Buy The SuperBox S3 Pro Voice Remote Control – 6K Smart TV Box


Accessing premium entertainment anytime you want and at no cost might sound too good to be true. However, with The SuperBox S3 Pro Voice Remote Control – 6K Smart TV Box you can enjoy all these and many more.

Features of The SuperBox S3 Pro Voice Remote Control – 6K

Smart TV Box

Title Specifications
Model SuperBox S3 Pro
Operating System Android 9.0 STB
Storage Capacity 32GB
Connectivity Technology Wireless and HDMI
Bluetooth Compatibility SuperBox Apps, Android Apps
Picture Pixel 6K
Supported Internet Services YouTube
Voice Control Available
Ram 2GB

These are the reasons you should invest in superbox s3 Pro Voice Remote Control – 6K Smart TV Box.

One-Off Payment

You will get to enjoy premium entertainment anytime for life without having to pay a dime. All you need to do is make a one-off payment by purchasing the SuperBox S3 Pro and you can do away with monthly subscription costs.

Intelligent Voice Remote Controller

The SuperBox S3 Pro comes with an intelligent Voice remote controller that allows you to easily control the box by simply speaking to it. With a voice command feature, all you need to do is say the word and the box will take care of the rest.

Access To Unlimited Amount Of Movies and TV Series

With access to over 20,000 movies and TV series, your movie needs are more than catered for. SuperBox S3 Pro contains a wide collection of movies and TV series that include comedy, crime, thriller, horror, action, romance, adventure, classics, mystery, animation, Sci-fi, drama, and many more genres.

SuperBox S3 Pro also has several premium adult content that can be accessed by setting a parental content security password.

Access Up To 1000+ HD Live TV and Sport Channels

How does free access to over a thousand HD live TV and sports channels sound? Yes, with SuperBox S3 Pro, you will enjoy access to live HD channels which allows you to keep up with your favorite shows and sports events.

With SuperBox S3 Pro, you can watch live news from your local news stations. Additionally, this amazing 6K Smart TV Box also comes with pay-per-view which allows you to watch premium live sporting events including the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLS, football, ice hockey, world cup, Olympics, and many more.

PlayBack Option

SuperBox S3 Pro has a playback option that allows you to enjoy your favorite shows whenever you want to. With this option, you won’t have to worry about missing your favorite shows or any sporting game because you can easily replay and catch up.

Top Class User Experience

SuperBox S3 Pro has a friendly user interface that’s easy to navigate. You can easily open various apps and features with one click of a button. Nothing beats a home theater experience that SuperBox S3 Pro creates with its high-quality audio and visual system.

Additionally, SuperBox S3 Pro has a real-time weather icon that allows you to check the weather in their locale.

Efficient WiFi Connection

SuperBox S3 Pro comes with 2 transmitters and 2 receivers, and external wifi that provides an efficient WiFi connection. With dual-band support of 2.4G – 5G, this smart TV Box works with varying Internet strength. Hence you can enjoy streaming content even on average internet speed without experiencing lagging.

Powerful Configurations

SuperBox S3 Pro is a powerful smart TV Box that comes with several unique features. It has an Android 9.0 STB support an ethernet connection, 2GB DDR Ram, a 32GB storage, and toe external antennas for dual-band WiFi. This combines to enhance the user experience and make streaming more efficient.


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